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Jillian Issaye is a half breed elf in the world of Haranutarie. He also is haunted.Maelorn is a nevaari with red eyes and black hair. Nevaari is a race from Haranutarie. Map for Dragz, an awesome game about dragons developed by JeFawk Games.Dark Grasp is a black carnivorous unicorn which was 'tamed' by the half-breed elf Elf Jillian Issaye. Thorn the elf holding a heartstone also showcased on the Tales From Haran book cover, a flash fiction compilation.High quality elf bust commission example by Frostnight Illustrations Drawing of a nafarie which is a mythical flying creature.A mystical explorer inside a cave with his sword out. Athawa is a morgethri female from the world of Haranutarie. She is spaced out and has blood gushing out of her face.

Other activities

Frostnight Illustrations is creating art


Painting elves and creepy horse things since forever...

Frostnight Illustrations is making and playing games.

Game Development and Gaming

Co-op ing with JeFawk Games to make special things, and to torment noobs in various online games.

Frostnight Illustrations is writing amazing books.


Obsessive-Compulsive author of High Fantasy books.