General information

What you get

All commissions can be used commercially, taxes might apply.  You'll receive a digital high resolution file, International Paper size, A4: 2480x3508 pixels, 300dpi, unless something else is requested.

How it works

Please consider if I am the right artist for you! I mainly do fantasy themed art and may decline the commission if I believe it is something I can't do well.

I will send you work in progress screenshots and you will get to modify the illustration if needed at multiple points of the process.

Payment is done after the sketch has been accepted or once the image is done. (You won't receive any final files or high res work in progress until the payment is complete.)

Please clearly state the type of commission you would like & include any image references, description or additional requests you might have. I also need to know what country you live in to know if any tax applies.

Content I do not create

  • Fanart
  • Political stuff
  • Anything copied from a photo (you, your friend, your pet etc)

Payment details

  • Paypal
  • Direct bank transfer
  • I will send you an invoice net 30 days, preferred currency is Euros or US Dollars

Pricing Samples


250 Euros +

Headshot, upper chest area, simple background.

High quality male character bust commission by Frostnight Illustrations
Art commission showcasing a portrait (bust) of a male elf character
High quality female character bust commission by Frostnight Illustrations


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